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Hong Kong is making significant strides towards achieving its Net Zero milestones by implementing environmental legislation and setting targets to reduce emissions. On April 22nd, the city will introduce its first-ever plastic ban, which will restrict the sale and distribution of various products and materials. The aim of this ban is to reduce daily waste going to landfills, minimize single-use plastic waste, and lower carbon emissions associated with takeout services.

While Hong Kong's environmental legislation plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable development, it is clear that effective and lasting change can only be achieved through collaboration between the public and private sectors. The upcoming plastic ban presents an opportunity for Hong Kong to drive meaningful change by fostering an environment that encourages collaboration between these sectors.

What does Hong Kong hope to accomplish with this plastic ban, and how has the private sector responded to the forthcoming legislation? Can Hong Kong create an environment that influences collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive significant change? These questions will be explored as we invite three distinguished speakers, each representing a different stakeholder affected by the Plastic Tableware Ban, to share their insights.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your lunch as we unwrap the objectives of the plastic ban and the potential for collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors to create a positive (and lasting) impact!


Kenneth Cheng - Assistant Director of Environmental Protection, HKSAR

Mr. Cheng, as a distinguished representative of the regulatory body driving Hong Kong's sustainability agenda, will deliver a presentation encompassing the Plastic Ban, its implications on the city's sustainability targets, and the opportunities it presents for the private sector.

Richard Oliver - Founder, Sustainable Planet

Mr. Oliver will highlight Sustainable Planet's EPD-approved compostable tableware as a viable alternative to recently banned plastic products, emphasizing the benefits of compostable materials in achieving circularity.

Ivan Tai - Co-founder, Waste Wise Hong Kong Limited

Mr. Tai will provide valuable insights into Waste Wise Hong Kong's inaugural composting site, dedicated to managing compostable tableware in a circular manner. This innovative solution effectively addresses the recent surge in compostable materials entering Hong Kong.



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